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Stories from the Field: Mental Health and the Outdoors

Dec 23, 2020

Bobbi Beale is Co-founder of Life Adventures for All Consulting which supports programs, agencies, and organizations to achieve their goals for improving the lives of their clients by providing training, consulting and technical assistance to implement Adventure Therapy locally. Bobbi's journey into the field began at a young age as she grew up on her family's campground. Bobbi shares collaboration stories including the new book, "Adventure Group Psychotherapy" and the podcast "Pondering Life Adventures."

Her Bio from Life Adventures for All Consulting website: Bobbi Beale, PsyD, launched Life Adventures for All with her AT colleagues specifically to make Adventure Therapy accessible to our most vulnerable youth and their families. Dr. Beale’s recent projects include increasing resiliency characteristics and reducing trauma symptoms (emotional and behavioral dysregulation) in youth identified for behavioral health services, specifically targeting youth involved with child protection. Children and youth who are involved with the child protection system encounter specific trauma including separation from and loss of parental figures, as well as the challenges related to placement stability, both educational and home, and permanency achievement. Bobbi also currently works with the Center for Innovative Practices at Case Western Reserve University, promoting evidence supported behavioral health services through training, consultation and technical assistance, primarily around home-based treatment, trauma and resilience. She is a clinical psychologist, serving at-risk youth and families in Ohio since 1991; first as a home-based therapist, then a program supervisor, program designer and division director. Bobbi has specialized in designing non-traditional therapy programs for high risk youth populations with trauma histories. Her evidence supported programs have utilized adventure therapy (AT) to increase youth skills and resiliency.