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Stories from the Field: Demystifying Wilderness Therapy

Oct 19, 2021

The cost of wilderness therapy treatment is expensive, yet several organizations will help. In this episode, we hear stories from leaders of non-profit organizations that help families by providing funds to help pay for wilderness therapy treatment. We talk with Debbie Roelands from Skys the Limit Fund, Brad Matheson from Choose Mental Health, and Miriam Miller from Charles N Miller Scholarship fund. We will hear about the history of the organizations, how to apply for funds, and other resources.

Skys the Limit Fund Website

Debbie Roelands Bio from Website: Debbie Roelands began her career in sales and administration but soon after moved over to finance, obtaining her CPA license and working for Deloitte as an auditor. She continued in finance and for the past 15 years has devoted her time to the parent organizations at her son’s schools. Debbie was Treasurer and President of the PTAs, Parent Clubs, and Chair of many programs and fundraisers for the schools. She utilized her financial knowledge and leadership skills to successfully raise and manage the funds and the volunteers of the various organizations. Her passion is giving her time and talents to benefit those in need and less fortunate, youth in particular. Deciding to re-enter the work force, she focused on finding a position with an organization benefiting youth and utilizing her knowledge and experience in finance. Having first-hand experience with the benefits Wilderness Therapy provides to youth in crisis and their families, and knowing that it is cost prohibitive to so many in need, Debbie feels privileged and blessed to work for Sky’s the Limit Fund.

Choose Mental Health Website

Brad Matheson's bio from Website: Brad Matheson, MBA, Head, Relationship Operations: With more than two decades of supporting children’s mental health, Brad is driven to make a difference. Helping children find mental health answers has been a paramount part in his career. His start in mental health began in the behavioral industry for adolescents, young adults and families. Brad has found a great deal of personal satisfaction helping students of all ages work through wilderness and residential treatment paths. For Brad, nothing is more powerful than seeing students and families strengthened by finding clarity, direction and answers that they only dreamed were possible just a short time earlier. Brad’s strength and leadership is now focused nationally on more than 20 million children struggling with mental health needs. He has helped hundreds of families navigate the difficult road of residential therapeutic care to see them thrive along the way. This valuable experience is a cornerstone of support for the many families who find Choose Mental Health, looking for answers.

Charles N. Miller Scholarship Website:

Miriam Miller has previously been on the Stories from the Field Podcast which is Episode 90.