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Stories from the Field: Mental Health and the Outdoors

Dec 15, 2021

Tami Ann is the author of the new book, "A Wilderness Journey: The Story of a Teen’s Road to Healing" which is a heartfelt memoir about her son's and her family's wilderness therapy journey at a primitive skills-oriented wilderness program. Tami describes the writing of the book, the influence of Joseph Campbell on the framework, and how she involved family in the process. Tami shares what she learned about herself while writing the book and recommendations for parents of young people in wilderness therapy.

To buy a copy of the book check out this Link to Amazon.

Here is a synopsis of the book from the Amazon Page:

Taken to a Wilderness Therapy program in the remote canyons of Utah, a struggling teenager named TJ embarks on a life-changing journey. He spends three months off-grid while learning the coping mechanisms to become emotionally resilient.

This intimate and heartfelt memoir, woven throughout with letters and journal accounts, offers a unique view of the wilderness experience that has frequently been shrouded in mystery or misunderstood. The story is told with the hero’s journey as a framework while illuminating details of experiential outdoor therapy and its advantages for adolescents and young adults suffering from mental health issues, addictions, or suicidal thoughts.

Written for parents or caregivers who have made, or are considering, the difficult decision to place their child in a Wilderness Therapy program. As a teen, the author’s son attended both a wilderness program and a therapeutic boarding school. He and his mom then collaborated on this book to help others learn about the process of outdoor behavioral therapy, which shares his personal story and his family's parallel journey toward healing.