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Stories from the Field: Mental Health and the Outdoors

Jan 26, 2022

Dawn McCord is the author of the new book, "Chasing Carson: A Family's Journey through Adolescence, Addiction and Recovery," a powerful memoir about her family's experience with addiction, which includes participating in a wilderness therapy program that helped them all begin to heal.  Dawn shares the story of how her son, Carson, a natural athlete and risk-taker and, by high school, progressed to having a substance use disorder.  They had tried outpatient, inpatient, and residential treatment, but it was not until completing a wilderness therapy program and an aftercare program that he experienced longer-term sobriety.  Dawn also shares her experience of writing the book and starting a parent support organization.


Dawn's Bio from her Amazon Author Page:

Dawn McCord is a wife and a fiercely loyal and protective momma bear of two sons. During their teen years the boys did what most teens do, they experimented with drugs and alcohol. However, one son quickly opened the door to addiction and the chasing began. As her family endured the ups and downs of substance use and the ins and outs of rehab, Dawn wanted to know what in the world was different with this age group and their use and why were overdoses becoming the norm. Dawn has a passion to help other parents not feel so alone in their journey by sharing their story and resources. She greatly desires to continue the conversation on how to educate our adolescents about the disease of addiction. Visit