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Stories from the Field: Mental Health and the Outdoors

Apr 13, 2022

Hilary Moses is co-owner and parent coach of Solutions Parenting Support and has a long history of working in wilderness therapy. In this episode, Hilary shares how being authentic and compassionate bad-ass has allowed her to challenge systems, whether it be a parent system or the field of wilderness therapy as a whole. Hilary shares how she became frustrated with how so many young people she worked with as a therapist in a wilderness therapy program in the 2010s went onto residential treatment or therapeutic schools and how she started to question that approach. She and the other powerful women teammates at Solutions Parenting Support have created a program for parents to help young people return home after treatment. Hilary also explores the difference between psychotherapy and coaching and shares her nature-based retreat program, Rooted Connections.


 All Kinds of Therapy is the sponsor of Season 13 of the podcast which will focus on experts who help families navigate treatment options. You can find Solutions Parenting Support on the All Kinds of Therapy Website.

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