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Stories from the Field: Demystifying Wilderness Therapy

Aug 16, 2022

Lucy Pritzker is an author, educational consultant, and founder of Elm Street Placements, Inc.  Lucy shares her journey into the field which began with one of her children began struggling at a young age.  She reveals the challenges the family went through to get the help they needed and how the long and difficult journey resulted in her pivoting in her career to become an educational consultant.  After a decade of being an educational consultant, Lucy decided to write a guidebook to help parents understand the different types of treatment options from outpatient to intensive outpatient, wilderness therapy, and many more. Her book “Crisis Interrupted: A  Parents Guide to Residential Treatment for Children, Teens & Young Adults”  is filled with case students and narratives is a must-have for parents to help guide them on the treatment journey for their child, teen, or young adults


Bio from the Elm Street Placements Website: Lucy Pritzker is an Educational Consultant and founder of Elm Street Placements, Inc. Her experience advising parents on academic and therapeutic placements for their children brings unparalleled expertise to her book "Crisis Interrupted: A Parents' Guide to Residential Placement for Children, Teens and Young Adults." Lucy travels extensively to visit and evaluate schools and treatment programs in the USA and beyond. She has a Master's degree in addiction counseling and over 25 years of experience working in educational and therapeutic settings. Lucy is a member of the Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA) and is a member of the IECA board. She is also on the Board of Trustees at Hampshire Country School. In her free time, Lucy can be found creating art in her stained-glass studio, working in her garden, enjoying her donkeys and horses on her miniature horse farm and spending time with her husband and three children on their sailboat