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Stories from the Field: Mental Health and the Outdoors

Sep 13, 2022

Alex Mufson is the founder and CEO of Aspen Growth Coaching, which is a team of "specialized coaches that help turn insight into sustainable action, supporting individuals and families to move towards a healthier life." Alex shares her journey into the field, the history of Aspen Growth Coaching, and how she went from helping animals to helping families.
She reveals how Aspen Growth Coaching, with its remote coaching model, filled a particular niche in the field and the differences between coaching and therapy. She also discusses what families should be looking for when hiring a coach.

Alex's bio from the Aspen Growth Coaching website: Alex holds a bachelor’s degree in Feminist Studies and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked in clinical treatment, advocacy and coaching settings for 15 years. Her experience as a therapist and parent coach in a residential treatment setting includes leading a multidisciplinary treatment team for adolescent girls and developing a unique animal-centered therapy program. Alex’s background also includes well over a decade working as a Certified Advocate for Domestic Violence Survivors and coaching clients through major life transitions.
Always pushing the limits of conventional treatment, Alex is known for encouraging her clients and her team to be curious and to look for insight and inspiration in unlikely places. Clients often describe Alex as simultaneously tough and caring and appreciate her direct and clear-headed approach to relationships. Alex is of the firm belief that good treatment starts with care for the provider, and empowers her team to be radically innovative and unapologetically bold in their professional and personal lives.
When not focused on AGC, you can find Alex outside with her crew of five cattle dogs and four horses, or lifting weights and eating lots of plants!