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Stories from the Field: Mental Health and the Outdoors

Oct 24, 2022

Mona Treadway is the Co-founder of Dragonfly Transitions located in Oregon. Mona is an insightful leader in the field and helped Dragonfly grow to have three separate locations where struggling young adults can pursue life goals with support and guidance. Mona shares how she and co-founder Glen White started the program in June 2000, then named Dragonfly Adventures, and that it was initially a wilderness therapy program for adolescents and young adults. Mona shares why they decided to change from helping young people in a wilderness therapy program to becoming a community-based young adult transition program in 2008. Mona reveals her continuous drive to evolve and change, including achieving her doctorate in leadership and change in 2017 and how her research influenced the Dragonfly Transitions program model. Mona also dives into why she and Glenn decided to have Dragonfly Transitions join Embark Behavioral Health in 2018. She also shares her thoughts on the field and where it is going. 

We want to thank the sponsors of Season 14 Brightstone TransitionsPoint School, and Wisdom Ranch.  Season 14 focuses on young adult programs and young adults sharing their stories.