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Stories from the Field: Mental Health and the Outdoors

May 30, 2023

In this special episode, we dive into the sudden closure of SUWS of the Carolinas by Acadia Healthcare and the impact it had on families, employees, and the field as a whole. Our guest, Kevin Green, shares his experience with the program, as his son was attending SUWS when they received the shocking news of its closure. Kevin explains how his son was making progress in the program after participating in SUWS for eleven days and how his family had to quickly find an alternative placement after receiving a phone call that the program was closing on a Friday afternoon. He goes on to reveal the process he and his wife went through and the emotional toll the abrupt closure had on them and their son. Kevin also discusses the support he received from the SUWS of the Carolinas staff while expressing his frustration in dealing with Acadia Healthcare. This multi-billion dollar behavioral health company owned and operated the SUWs but did little to assist Kevin during the closure process. This special episode sheds light on the impact of sudden program closures on families and how behavioral healthcare can do a better job in this challenging process.