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Stories from the Field: Mental Health and the Outdoors

Sep 5, 2023

In this enlightening episode of "Stories from the Field: Mental Health in the Outdoors," we're joined by the insightful Mike DeLuca, LCSW, a clinician at Summit Achievement - a unique adolescent residential treatment program with an adventure therapy component.

Mike delves deep into his transformative journey, starting from his years at Outward Bound and the experiences that shaped his perspective on therapeutic outdoors practices. It was these formative years that led him to his different roles at Summit Achievement. Mike's narrative shines a light on how Summit Achievement not only influenced him professionally but also played a role in his decision to pursue a career as a clinical social worker.

A significant portion of our conversation is dedicated to Mike's specialized work with young individuals grappling with anxiety. He shares his empathetic approach and proven strategies in engaging both the young person and their families, ensuring a holistic support system. By marrying traditional clinical techniques with the healing power of the outdoors, Mike emphasizes the profound positive impact this synergy can have in alleviating anxiety and related mental health challenges.

This episode provides listeners with an intimate look into the world of outdoor mental health therapy, its transformative power, and the professionals like Mike who are at the forefront of this therapeutic approach. For anyone keen on understanding the intersection of outdoor experiences and mental health, especially as it pertains to anxiety in young people, this is a must-listen.

Season 17 of Stories from the Field is focused on Anxiety and is underwritten by Mountain Valley Treatment Center.