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Stories from the Field: Mental Health and the Outdoors

Feb 25, 2019

Jesse Quam, educational consultant and clinical social worker, started working in the wilderness therapy field after landing a job at Aspen Achievement Academy as a field instructor in 1996.  Jesse shares stories about his upbringing in which his father was a pastor and the family traveled all over the country providing services to those in need which influenced Jesse to start a life of service.

Jesse describes how he worked at Aspen for seven years and eventually became a field director and would meet his future wife, Grace, who also worked as a field instructor. They would both leave Aspen to pursue graduate degrees and in 2005 Jesse would become a clinician for SUWs of the Carolina's and then clinical director.  He would leave SUWs in 2015 to become an educational consultant with John Huie and Associates located in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Jesse talks about how having worked in a wilderness therapy program helps him to be a better educational consultant.