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Stories from the Field: Mental Health and the Outdoors

Oct 21, 2019

Jory Hanselman is the director of BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy, located in Colorado.  BaMidbar is the first Jewish wilderness therapy program in the United States. Jory shares her inspiring journey from her teenage years when she asked her parents to send her to a wilderness therapy program to being a camp counselor at a Jewish summer camp to being a field guide at wilderness programs. She shares how BadMidbar evolved and how the program helps young Jewish people with its unique wilderness therapy model.

From BaMidBar Wilderness Therapy website: Jory Hanselman has dedicated her personal and professional career to engaging youth and emerging adults in meaningful outdoor experiences, and helping youth build personal resiliency and the skills necessary to grow and thrive in a complex world. Jory has experienced wilderness programs from the client and staff perspective, from field and office formats, in Jewish and secular settings, and in the private industry and the nonprofit sectors. She has over 400 professional “field days” managing youth from 13-26 through organizations focused on education, recreation, therapy, and workforce development. Jory sees the wilderness therapy model as an extremely powerful environment and believes that BaMidbar Wilderness Therapy can help magnify that impact through Jewish learning, providing a foundational tapestry for clients that builds Jewish identity and provides the framework for youth to experience meaningful transitions to independent and healthy adult lives. Jory holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Environmental Studies and Philosophy from Tufts University and is a Master of Public Administration degree candidate at University of Colorado – Denver’s School of Public Affairs.