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Stories from the Field: Mental Health and the Outdoors

Aug 11, 2021

Jorge Venceslau is the program director and co-founder of Age of Discoveries, located in Portugal. Jorge's journey into the field began in his early 20's when he struggled with several issues and found wilderness to be a place of healing. He would become a recovery coach and worked in programs worldwide, including The Crossroads Center in Antigua. He always dreamed of starting his own program, and in this episode, he shares the joys and challenges of creating the first adventure therapy program in Portugal

Bio from Age of Discoveries website: 

Jorge comes to Age Of Discoveries with 23 years of years of experience, education and leadership in helping families and there loved ones to overcome addictions and clinical challenges. His real passion is helping young people find their purpose and meaning in life.

Jorge returned to Portugal in 2007 and loves the many outdoor activities like trekking, biking, paragliding, surfing and horseback riding. Jorge shares with passion the history of Portugal and all the beautiful sea, land and air adventures that we can do in Portugal. The world heritage villages and historical monuments are unique as the people with there traditions and food.

Jorge states, “What is most important is my work with young adults who are lost in their future, and how the experiential outdoor activities are so important in self-development and finding a meaning in life. The greatest gift is in helping young adults to change, and the families finding happiness.”

Jorge’s work in the field of addiction treatment centres has taken him around the world. Some of his favourite experiences took place at the Crossroads Centre on the Caribbean island of Antigua. The Crossroads Centre was founded by music legend Eric Clapton. Jorge’s work takes him to the United Kindom, Brasil, South Africa and of course, in Portugal.

Today, Jorge incorporates daily habits of healthy lifestyles, meditation, gratitude and acts of service that helps him to realize his potential, and to share it with others.