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Stories from the Field: Mental Health and the Outdoors

Jan 17, 2023

Richard Curtis is a Certified Clinical Interventionist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and Parent Coach who helps parents and their teens and young adults through in-home interventions. Richard shares how his intervention style focuses on connecting with parents and their teens when they are in one of the most challenging spots in their family's life and helping them all make changes for the better. He dives into how the opportunity for change is helped through an intervention that includes family members and mentors who can help guide the way to a better path in life which may involve enrolling in a wilderness therapy program. Richard shares his background of being an experiential educator, getting his master's degree in counseling, and how working in a therapeutic school helped him to become an interventionist.

Richard also shares information about his coming talk for and his view that parenting is more challenging than ever.   Richard can be reached at

Season 15 is focused on parents' stories and is underwritten by Other Parents Like Me (